Proposed Green Snowboard Manufacturing Process.

Ideally snowboards would be made with no impact on the environment at all, they would be completely sustainable and recyclable. Perhaps one day in the future they will be all these things and more, but for now there are only so many things manufacturing companies can do. Unfortunately companies are all doing different things and not combining their technology into one totally "green" product. What would result for this collaboration would be a completely "greened" board that is both sustainable and functional. The following is a proposed design for a fictional "green" board the Atomic Eco.

Used with premission from Envdevor.
Used with premission from Envdevor.

The Atomic Eco snowboard features a bamboo core and sidewalls all locally sourced. The layers are bound together with a polyethylene glue so that if heated the board will separate allowing the core to be reused. The top sheet of the Atomic Eco would be completely lacquer free and feature %100 percent recycled steel edges and a recycled board base. The boards graphic would be affixed with a sublimation process eliminating the need for chemical solvents. In addition the manufacturing plant would recycle all of the paper and plastic waste used in the manufacturing process.

To further green the process of manufacturing this board the company would use sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power. All materials would be soused as close to the manufacturing plant as possible cutting down on carbon em missions from transport. Most importantly the boards would be designed to be extremely durable, by using a slight inlay of fiberglass which while not as environmentally friendly as wood or bamboo would extend the life of the board by five years reducing the need for consumers to buy new boards and reducing the impact they have on the environment.

picture designed by Bridget Houghton